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Wedding and Honeymoon

Honeymoon in Dubai: Insanely Romantic Facilities to Have a Mesmerizing Honeymoon and Wedding in Dubai.

Dubai is the city where the magic happens. There are many reasons people travel to Dubai: shopping, sightseeing, desert surfing, luxury lifestyle, etc. Among the many reasons, some couples choose Dubai as a honeymoon destination. They even decide to celebrate their wedding in Dubai. The atmosphere in Dubai makes it a perfect destination for wedding parties or honeymoons. We have categorized all the things related to honeymoon in Dubai and weddings in Dubai.

First and foremost, we explore your options for having a beautiful wedding party and providing the best for your guests and your families. Next, we explore the best hotels and resorts for couples that have a romantic one-of-a-kind setting. Finally, we mention some activities and sightseeing outside your hotel for maximum relaxation and romanticism.

Wedding in Dubai

A wedding in Dubai can be as magical as you might think. Today’s luxury hotels and wedding venues in Dubai will make magic happen. However, having a wedding is not just about interior design or chic ballrooms, but also the outside view and background of your wedding could be a gamechanger. In a nutshell, if you are planning a wedding party in Dubai, most certainly, this day will truly become a day you’ll never forget. Wedding venues are usually embedded in the most luxurious hotels in Dubai. In what follows, we take a look at the very best ones.

Beach-themed wedding locations in Dubai

The first category of hotels relates to the hotels with beautiful beaches and views over the ocean and Dubai skyline. The main advantage of choosing a beachside location is providing a romantic and beautiful setting for your wedding. Also, being close to other attractions and locations of the city is the second reason you should choose a beachfront wedding venue.

Atlantis the Palm

Atlantis The Palm is our first choice for having a magnificent wedding. This hotel is on the iconic Palm Island with an outdoor or indoor wedding venue for you. This hotel has private beach access and a glorious building which sets it apart from the rest. Atlantis is known for its superb ocean views and traditional Arabic décor on the inside. This property is one of the lifestyle travel destinations. It means your guests can experience many activities related to families and lifestyles and never have to leave their hotel. In a nutshell, its famous views, rooms with terraces, superb dining options, and private beach access for the wedding venue are the main reasons couples choose this hotel as their host.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is the world’s tallest hotel building and is one of the top iconic locations in Dubai. This feature has made Burj Al Arab one of the top choices of couples for their marriage, and the specific location and views it can offer are so extraordinary that nothing else can top that. What says more luxury than transferring your guest with a fleet of Rolls Royce to the hotel? Burj Al Arab has a private sandy hotel. Floor-to-ceiling windows, panoramic view of the gulf, infinity pools, being famous for a 7-star hotel in Dubai all make this event once in a lifetime experience for all of you. This hotel has indoor and outdoor wedding venues (including a lush palm garden), and they try their best to plan your perfect day to its fullest.

Desert-themed wedding venues in Dubai

The second category of hotels and resorts you can choose for your wedding party is venues located in the desert. The advantage of these remote locations is the seclusion and calmness they can provide away from city noises. The second advantage is that you could never find a similar venue around the world and your wedding truly becomes a one-of-a-kind experience in a one-of-a-kind setting. One disadvantage of having an event in the desert is that your guests have to be away from the city and stay most of their time inside the property. Also, usually, desert events are for a small number of guests. Therefore, if you need to throw a party for many guests, it is better to go for other options. 

Magic Camps

Magic Camps is one of the top luxury hotels and resort you can find in the Dubai desert. This hotel is about 30 miles from the city center that making it one of the serene and secluded places away from the city. Magic Camps is known for its luxury tents. These tents have enough distance from each other that it almost feels like you are the only one in the desert. When it comes to your wedding event, prepare yourself and your guest for an exceptional night under the stars. They set up a private camp just for your guests, and after sunset, a pathway lined with candles will lead your guests to the dining place. The place is so magical and romantic. Imagine candles and a starlit sky with the calmness of desert ambiance for your special evening.

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa is another luxury hotel for weddings in Dubai. This resort is a tourism destination by itself, so you are inviting all your guests to have a wonderful time around. An Infinity pool overlooking the desert, an award-winning spa, and a stunning view over the desert will make the day. They have special packages for weddings: Silver, Golden, and Diamond packages.  All of the packages include their signature privileges and a private venue for the ceremony. And best of all, bride and broom can stay in one of the special rooms according to the selected package, and, they also provide special services like just-married breakfast, heart-shaped cake, photoshoot and many more.

Honeymoon in Dubai

We have covered the most romantic places for your wedding party. Most of these hotels are excellent for you to spend your honeymoon even after your wedding party. Therefore, think of the above hotels for your honeymoon as well. But there are also some hotels and resorts that are specifically designed with romanticism and relaxation in mind. Here is a list of top romantic hotels in Dubai for honeymoon with their most salient feature:

  • Address Sky View:a panoramic view over Dubai’s skyline. Sky Bridge at the summit of two twin towers.
  • Address Beach Resort:One of the tallest rooftop infinity pools in Dubai. Astonishing view over the ocean.
  • Sofitel Dubai:luxury beach resort with Polynesian touch. Tropical retreat, long white sandy beach, turquoise waters, and elegant romantic setting by the water.
  • Fairmont The Palm:top world-class dining venues, water sports, and superb relaxation at Willow Stream Spa
  • Hotel Inigo Dubai Downtown:Cultural décor with lavish rooms and spaces makes it a romantic and traditional stay.

Best Activities for honeymoon in Dubai

You are not here to stay in your room and never leave your hotel perimeter, right? Although there are many facilities and features in hotels that can fill your time and make the bests for you, you can also dive into the city’s hearth and enjoy many other activities to make your trip even more joyful than it is now.

  • Helicopter and Seaplane Flight: Experiment a ride on the helicopter (on Nassimi Beach Parking, Atlantis Hotel) around Dubai, or a Seaplane Flight (on Seawings office at Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club) to have a bird’s eye view of Dubai’s skyline. 
  • Date night on a Yacht: with a three-hour cruise through the heart of Dubai, and a romantic table setting, experience a romantic one-of-a-kind date.
  • Enjoy Dubai Skyline at Burj Khalifa: Burj Khalifa is often dubbed as the top of the world! At the 124, 125, and 148 levels of Burj Khalifa, you can enjoy the magnificent view over the entire city and access the world’s highest observatory. 
  • Water parks and Aquariums: Wild Wadi Water Park and Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, plus the Dubai Dive (the deepest diving site in the world) are top locations to have a mesmerizing water-related activity. 
  • Horse Riding, Camel Riding, and desert surfing: Nearly all desert resorts and hotels around Dubai provide desert surfing activities like 4×4 vehicles, Camel riding, and horseback riding. The atmosphere around the desert makes this activity more pleasant. 
  • Cruise Dubai Creek with Dhow Cruise: Apart from the yacht activities mentioned, Dhow Cruise is the bigger version of that with a classic romantic dining experience.
  • Walk by the beach: Dubai is known for its beaches. This city even made its unique artificial islands and beaches for the visitors to enjoy the view and enjoy a walk at sunset along the beach. 

Best time for visiting Dubai for your honeymoon or wedding

One of the most notorious aspects of traveling to Dubai is time. As you know, Dubai has a desert climate, and it’s not always wise to travel to Dubai without paying attention to its weather atmosphere. Desert-climate means there aren’t any cold winters as we’ve imagined, but there are hot summer times that anybody avoids traveling to Dubai in that period. So, the best time to visit Dubai and hold a wedding or enjoy some honeymoon activities is in the winter months. More specifically, November to February is the best period to invite your guests for your wedding event or enjoy a two-some romantic honeymoon in Dubai.

Final thoughts on a luxury honeymoon in Dubai

Whatever you choose to do or wherever you choose to have your wedding party or enjoy your honeymoon, it is guaranteed in Dubai that this trip will be magical.  Although we recommended top luxury hotels for a wedding in Dubai, they are also the top choices for spending a romantic time with your partner. All of these locations and activities are standalone travel destinations, and there is more to it.


Do any romantic hotels in Dubai have a pool?

Many of the top hotels in Dubai, with a specialty in a romantic setting, provide both indoor and outdoor pool access.

What is the best time to travel to Dubai for honeymoon?

The winter months, specifically November to February, are the best time to travel to Dubai for outdoor romantic activities.

How much does it cost to say in a romantic hotel?

On average, you can find a decent romantic hotel for about US$350. High-end options can cost you US$2000 per night per couple.