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Dubai Shopping Festival – A Magical Paradise for Shoppers and Beyond!

In recent years Dubai has been one of the top tourist destinations for travelers around the globe. From the best malls and artificial attractions to the tallest buildings and deepest pools, this city is trying its best to provide a unique and one-of-a-kind experience for all its guests. For many tourists, shopping is another reason they travel, and with Dubai Shopping Festival, this city makes sure to take care of all their needs. In a nutshell, Dubai Shopping Festival is a magical paradise made for shoppers (and even non-shoppers).

Dubai Shopping Festival 2022 dates

Like every other year, Dubai Shopping Festival is scheduled from 15th December 2021 to 29th January 2020. Choosing this time of the year is based on the fact that weather in these months in Dubai is at its best condition possible, and also, it is the transition time between two years in which most people want to celebrate with making travel plans. This year, the 27th edition of DSF is on its way.

Also, do not forget about New Year’s Eve with ultra-magical live music and fireworks. Basically, it feels like you live in a dream during those times.

What is so special about Dubai Shopping Festival?

The first fun fact I’d like to point out is that Dubai Shopping Festival is the world’s first recipient of Guinness World Records on the longest-running festival. When DSF is in progress, you’ll see joy and life flowing around the city. Fireworks, live music shows, street acts, and just decorations and lightings used by retailers and big malls and shops are what makes this festival a special one.

Not to mention (actually, the most crucial feature of it!) the sizable and irresistible discounts on almost anything you want to purchase, and having a shot at multiple raffles, draws, and prizes that most certainly will have an impact on your life!

Dubai Shopping Festival Offers on Electronics

One of the main questions asked about the DSF is: “are there any offers or discounts on electronic goods too?”

The simple answer to this question is “yes” In fact, the electronic offers in the Dubai Shopping Festival are among the many popular discounts after clothing. LCD TVs, Laptops, and smartphones are among the most wanted products by travelers in the electronics category. Most of these products are offered with an international warranty and many other freebies and bundles. Many tour guides often recommend buying electronic gadgets and products in their list of “must-buys” when in the Dubai Shopping Festival.

DSF Raffles and Prizes

What is the point of any festival and national event without any prizes? Each year there are certain raffles and prizes introduced to all the participants in Dubai Shopping Festival. Every organization, group of malls, and shopping centers have their thresholds and raffles to make you rich!

To enter in one (or many) of these raffles, the only thing shoppers (or spenders) have to do is spending the minimum amount of money on the selected group. For example, the highest value raffle in the whole history of Dubai’s shopping festivals was DSF Supercar Raffle which provides a chance to win a Fenyr SuperSport by W Motors. Other sizable raffles belong to Nissan Grand, Infiniti QX60, 3kg of Gold, AED 1Milion cash, etc.

Raffle tickets are usually around AED200. You can enter many of them just by spending money (or shopping) for a set minimum amount to be eligible to get a ticket and enter the raffle. Besides the big raffles mentioned above, in Dubai Shopping Festival, almost every mall has its dedicated giveaways and many other small prizes.

Best Time to Visit Dubai for Shopping

With all the above, I think it is pretty clear that when Dubai Shopping Festival is in progress, it is the best time to visit Dubai. Also, on the one hand, when this event is taking place, the city becomes so magical and alive that all non-shoppers can enjoy their trip even if they are not planning to shop anything. On the other hand, this festival (usually) takes place from the middle of December to the end of January, which means the weather is in its best condition to make your trip even more comfortable.


When does the Dubai shopping festival take place?

Every year, from mid-December to the end of next year’s January, the Dubai Shopping Festival takes place.

Where does the Dubai shopping festival take place?

Virtually everywhere and every retailer participates and offers its best discounts around the city. Most big malls and shopping centers provide the best deals.

When Is Dubai Shopping Festival 2021 – 2022?

This year, the 27th edition of DSF is scheduled from 15th December 2021 to 29th January 2020.