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“Address Beach resort” is one of the top luxury hotels in Dubai, which has an award-winning building design. Similar to Address Sky View, this hotel consists of two 77-story twin towers and, again, like Address Sky View, these twin towers are connected with a sky bridge. This sky bridge, which provides an opportunity for residents to feel like walking in the sky, is one of the unique features that make this hotel a top travel destination in Dubai.

Featuring an award-winning structure, this hotel provides services for all kinds of guests, including couples, families, and business travelers. For that matter, a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, and fitness center seem pretty standard for this level of accommodation.

One of the main features of this kind of hotel is featuring rooftop infinity pools. Address Beach Resort provides a rooftop infinity pool that overlooks Bluewaters Island, Dubai Eye (Ain Dubai Wheel), Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Residence, and Dubai Marina. Everything in one giant frame! Their infinity pool is an exceptional pool on the 77th floor. This pool is a world record for the tallest infinity pool in which you can relax, take a sunbath, and at the same time, staring at the infinite sea or Dubai’s skyline in an ultimate relaxed mind. Also, on level 75, there is a high-end gym with a personal couch that brings the great view and exercise into a single experience.

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Address Beach Hotel Infinity Pool
Address Beach Hotel Infinity Pool

This hotel isn’t just about views or residing in a tall tower, but also, this property provides many other options and amenities. Family rooms, a 24-hour front desk with currency exchange, a seating area, à la carte breakfast are other good-for-all features that will make your accommodation as comfy and practical as possible.

Although twin towers and a sky bridge are not technically unique to this hotel, The Spa at Address sure is. The location of this spa on the 75th floor of the tower makes it the highest in entire Dubai. Two exceptional open-air swimming pools, infinity pools, a sauna, and Kids Splash Pad are other features that will make this property an appropriate choice for both families and couples. Couples in particular like this hotel because of its tall rooms and pools that provide a romantic setting for them.

Catering for all kinds of guests, Address Beach Resort provides superior spaces for your events. You can hold your corporate and personal events on this property. The location and ambiance, and astonishing views make this hotel one of the best venues possible for wedding parties.

The prices for Deluxe rooms start from US$1,000/night and can be as high as US$1,900/night. Address Beach Resort is one of the iconic and top luxury hotels in Dubai and a popular travel destination for a variety of guests. This feature means that if you are looking to stay in a specific room or suite in this property, you should book yours in advance.

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