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A Handy List of top expensive hotels in Dubai

Tallest and deepest, largest and longest, Dubai has it all: you name it! Have you ever wondered how much does it cost to stay in the most expensive hotel in Dubai? Well, in this article, we did exactly that. If you want to try the most expensive hotels in Dubai, you should consider spending somewhere about $400 to $10,000 per night!

1) W Dubai – The Palm

Every traveler who thinks of taking a trip into Dubai will defiantly hear the name of The Palm several times during his journey. The Palm (or Palm Jumeirah) is a collection of interconnected artificial islands created alongside the gulf. As you have guessed until now, W Dubai is an expensive and luxurious hotel inside The Palm.

Sauna, outdoor swimming pools, and the ability to play squash are salient features of this expensive hotel in Dubai. Their motto is “here, you can be in the center of the action without being the center of attention.” A single room at W Dubai for two adults will cost you around US$550.

2) Palazzo Versace Dubai

Palazzo means “a palace” in Italian. Palazzo Versace Dubai is one of the fabulous and top luxury hotels in Dubai. The luxury level in this hotel is at its highest. Palazzo Versace Dubai is one of the most expensive hotels in Dubai, with prices starting at around US$600 per one night, per two adults, to US$2200 for four adults staying in a two-bedroom grand suite.

Palazzo Versace is an Italian-themed hotel that makes you feel like a prince in a giant Italian palace. Italian furnishing, landscaped gardens, high ceiling entrance all go hand in hand to make this 215-room hotel one of a kind. Most rooms have a beautiful view of outdoor swimming pools and gardens, surrounded by trees and flowers.

3) Armani Hotel Dubai

When we hear Armani anywhere, we automatically think of something luxurious and, of course, expensive! Armani Hotel Dubai, which is within walking distance of Bastakia Quarter and Dubai Fountain, is one of the top superior hotels you can choose to “rejuvenation.”

Armani Hotel is known for its romantic and modern setting, including a rooftop terrace, with a Pool and Breakfast. This hotel occupies 11 floors of Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai. I don’t think there remains any room for extra fancy words to describe its elegancy. In fact, “Pure Elegance and Sophisticated Comfort” is their motto in which a once-in-a-lifetime occasion is guaranteed for you. The room’s price for couples starts at around US$750 and goes up to US$3200 for Armani Signature Suite (for couples!).

4) Atlantis the Palm

As you may know, The Palm is now one of the many iconic places in Dubai. Atlantis The Palm is the name of an ultra-luxury and expensive hotel in Dubai sitting at the apex of The Palm. Unlike Palazzo Versace Dubai, Atlantis The Palm is full of Arabian traditional symbols and items, and a simple glimpse into the overall shape of this hotel makes that clear.

Apart from its location and style, Atlantis the Palm is trying to identify itself as a complete self-sustained travel destination: all the shows, award-winning restaurants, beautiful views, and Aquaventure Waterpark will make you never want to leave the perimeter! Prices start from US$1000 for a single night for two guests (up to US$5600), which makes Atlantis the Palm one of the most expensive hotels in Dubai.

5) Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf

Accommodating in Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf will feel like you are residing in an ancient-themed video game. This hotel is a summerhouse with lots of facilities to enjoy your summertime in Dubai. This collection makes sure that you do not leave the facility and enjoy your wonderful time with accompanies (couples love this hotel).

Gardens, waterways, pools, private beach, refurbished guestrooms, large terraces overlooking the fresh seawater, high-tech bedroom facilities, golf, tennis, Sinbad’s Kids Club, onsite Madinat Theater, luxury yachts, 40 restaurants, bars, and lounges all make Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf one of the top expensive hotels you can find in Dubai. Prices start from US$1250 per night for a couple. However, there are US$12,000 options available too!

6) The Bulgari Resort Dubai

Jumeirah Bay is another name you will hear a lot in Dubai. This bay is an artificial seahorse-shaped island which is another iconic beach view in Dubai. Bulgari Hotel and Resort is inside this island with its first world’s Bulgari Yacht Club and peerless views over the sea.

Bulgari villas (hence the name!), oval-shaped freestanding bar, exclusive beach club, private beach, a unique mosaic-design outdoor swimming pool, spa, and indoor pool are among the many other amenities of the Bulgari Resort Dubai which makes it a unique and expensive hotel in Dubai. Without tax and charges, a Deluxe Guest Room for two sleepers will cost around US$2100 for a one-night staying.

7) Four Seasons Resort Dubai

Four Seasons Resort Dubai is another expensive hotel in Dubai on Jumeirah beach. Beachfront view, spectacular cityscape, private beach, swimming pool, and a lavish spa are some of its features that make it one of the top hotels in Dubai. Palazzo Versace Dubai, this resort has very modern decorations and rooms with just a touch of Arabian traditional designs.

A deep soaking tub, a separate rain shower, dynamic market style and relaxation at Mercury lounge, two tennis courts, and a jogging track by the beach are more than enough to make your trip to Dubai memorable. More often, young couples favor this hotel because of its modern look and top-notch services (like providing Xbox and PS on request). A night for two adults will cost you around US$2000, and with taxes and charges, the price can reach up to US$2500 for just one night.

8) Jumeirah Al Naseem

Jumeirah Al Naseem introduces itself as having the closest rooms to Dubai’s beach. Not only that, with adult-only pools and areas, they make sure couples can have wonderfully designed space just for themselves. Fine dining from world-class chefs and all other exceptional services will make Jumeirah Al Naseem one of the top luxury hotels in Dubai you don’t want to miss.

Most of the essential features of Jumeirah Al Naseem lie in the outdoor facilities and spaces beach, waterpark, Lush gardens, balconies, extended terraces, and a fascinating sea landscape. Also, keep in mind that their beach is private and provides one of the best spa centers in Dubai. A one-night stay in this hotel for two adults will cost around $US2000 (taxes and charges included).

9) Burj al Arab

Speaking of icons in Dubai, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the world’s tallest hotel. Burj al Arab has its private island near Jumeirah Beach, with most rooms overlooking the sea. The best thing that makes Burj al Arab one of the super-luxury hotels in the world is that guests can arrive at it with a fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantom cars or a dedicated helicopter transfer service!

Two swimming pools on the terrace, 32 luxury cabanas, floor-to-ceiling windows, panoramic view of the gulf, and Sky View Bar (200 meres above sea level) are just some of this expensive hotel’s primary features. The price of a one-night stay in a standard two sleeper deluxe marina suite with taxes can be as low as US$2300, all the way up to $10,000 for three-bedroom suites.

10) Magic Camps

I know this isn’t a hotel per se, but Magic Camps, being so luxurious and famous, gets considered one of the best travel destinations in Dubai. Magic Camps is in the heart of the desert, and as the name suggests, you are staying in a tent. Don’t you worry, this accommodation is 30 miles from Dubai and in itself is a complete tourism attraction.

All the tents are well-equipped and luxurious with excellent vintage lightning. You can experience a completely calm and peaceful staying in eco-friendly camps away from the city hassles. The best part of staying in these expensive camps is that you can enjoy many activities related to the desert. A one-night stay for a couple at Magic Camps starts from US$2400 to US$3000.

Final Thoughts on The Most Expensive Hotels in Dubai:

Planning a trip is frustrating, and at the same time, a fun activity, especially when you have the fortune to stay in the most expensive hotels in Dubai. Please note that all these prices are extracted based on booking.com and tripadvisor.com websites for a single night for two adults. First, as you may know, these prices vary season by season. Second, in most hotels, the longer you stay, the cheaper your per-night cost will be.

Therefore, the best way to interpret mentioned prices is to take them as a point of comparison. Try to get a general idea of how much it costs to stay in the most expensive hotels in Dubai.


What is the most expensive hotel in Dubai?

According to our list, the average starting price for a night stay in Dubai belongs to Burj al Arab with US$2300 per night.

Can I book the most expensive hotels in Dubai with a discount?

Yes, during Ramadan and hot summertime weather, most hotels offer discounted prices.