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Deep Dive Dubai Swimming Pool: Sightseeing and Venturing through World’s Deepest Diving Pool

We’re all familiar with the record-breaking and challenging projects in Dubai, and this city never stops to keep breaking those records. Deep Dive Dubai swimming pool is yet another Guinness World Record: the deepest pool in the world, which “adds another world-class destination to Dubai’s thriving tourist attraction and adventure tourism sector”. This 60m deep (197 feet) pool with more than 14 million liters of water is in fact a sunken city pool diving site in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai and full of abandoned cars, streets, apartments, and arcades you’ll find astonishing in your diving adventure.

Features and Unique Experiences

To be honest, diving deep in the world’s deepest pool, as strange as it sounds, is an experience you’ll never forget! You see, this pool is 60M deep and is four times deeper than any other major deep dive sites around the globe. However, being deep isn’t the only feature that makes this site one of a kind. In fact, one of the main selling points, among many others, is providing a “perfect diving” experience to all non-divers and professional divers.

Perfect Controlled conditions for deep diving

Providing this “perfect” experience relies heavily on controlled conditions in which you can dive. Notable conditions include sound and mood lighting systems, a unique water filtration system using a siliceous volcanic rock to provide fresh and clean water, maintaining fixed 30 degrees of warmth for your comfort, and effectively eliminating dangers of diving in rough seas and adverse weather conditions. A fun fact about water filtration worth mentioning is that within the system, a NASA-developed technology and UV radiation is used as a means of providing the best state-of-the-art water purification for divers.

Sunken city attractions

Perhaps the second most exciting and unique experience you’ll find diving deep in Deep Dive Dubai swimming pool is the “Sunken City”. As the name suggests, Deep Dive Dubai have created a wonderful underwater abandoned city. The moment you dive into this deep pool, you’ll begin an amazing adventure through a sunken city with abandoned cars, buildings, streets, garages, and arcade.

Windows and screens

Want to brag about your exciting dive into the deepest pool in the world? Don’t you worry, Deep Dive Dubai had got you covered! In fact, you are covered with 56 underwater cameras recording your journey into deep waters. However, on some level, maybe you think to yourself this is isn’t enough. And you have got covered again: throughout the site, there are large glass windows and big screens where your family and friends can watch you live as you dive.

However interesting these cameras and screens may sound, they have a safety purpose as well. As Deep Dive Dubai Swimming pool’s official website suggests, there is a fully staffed, 12 people hyperbaric facility on-site that watch your every move and are there for you in case of any emergency and accident.

Deep Dive Dubai Location and Diving Programs

As mentioned earlier, according to Deep Dive Dubai’s official website, this facility is located in Nad Al Sheba 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 15 minutes from Downtown Dubai and 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport. Although you can use and access all other features of this facility, like a diving shop, a gift shop, and a restaurant to name a few, but getting access to the actual diving site requires a confirmed booking. Both non-divers and divers can use different experiences available.

Before enjoying the world’s deepest diving pool as a diver, first, you should decide on a program to enroll. There are three major programs to choose from: Discover Programs, Dive Programs, and Develop Programs. Each of these programs has their own prices and confirmation criteria to be met.


The first category of Deep Dive Dubai’s services is dedicated to those who have never dived before. This is the safest way to start a diving journey with “warm freshwater and friendly experienced instructors”. Scuba diving up to 12m, Snorkeling to discover the wonders of the sunken city, and Freediving (beath-hold diving), to learn the basic skills of freediving and receive training, are the three options to choose from Discover category. All diving equipment are included in the plan and you can share recorded videos with family and friends. Also, you can have one free “non-diving guest; up to three at additional cost” to watch you live through the windows and screens mentioned above.


The second program in Deep Dive Dubai is called “Dive”. Unlike the Discover program, this section is for certified divers who need the perfect diving conditions and opportunities to explore, have fun and practice their existing diving skills. Here you can choose between Scuba Dive and Freediving, both of which require diving certification. Diving depth in these programs depends on the allowed depth of your certificate. Only Trimix-trained technical divers with recent experience can dive up to 60m. For others, the maximum depth is 30m.


As the name suggests, Develop program is all about learning in Deep Dive Dubai swimming pool. This program is for both divers and non-divers to learn Scuba diving or freediving.

Deep Dive Dubai age limit and Safety Limits

For all plans and programs, there is a 10-year-old age limit (except for Discover Snorkeling program). In other words, the participant should be at least 10 years old, and all the minors should have their parents or legal guardians present in the experience, or provide a written consent.

The second safety requirement beside the deep dive age limit is the fact that all participants should know how to swim, and they MUST show on time!

Deep Dive Dubai Price List

Like all things in the world, this amazing adventure comes at a price. Deep dive ticket prices vary depending on the program you choose. Keep in mind that in Deep Dive Dubai, they call the so-called tickets, confirmations. So you don’t pay the price of a ticket to deep dive, you pay to get a booking confirmation. Deep Dive Dubai’s prices are listed in the table below.

Program Option Price in AED Price in USD
Discover Scuba 1800 AED 490$
Snorkeling 400 AED 109$
Freediving 1000 AED 272$
Dive Guided Scuba Dive up to 30m 1200 AED 327$
Guided Freedive (Breath-Hold Diving) 900 AED 245$
Guided Scuba Drive up to 60m 1500 AED 408$
Develop Scuba Courses Contact Contact
Freediving Courses Contact Contact

What’s outside?

So far we only talked about the actual Deep Dive Dubai’ swimming pool. But the world’s deepest diving pool is actually located inside a giant oyster-shaped building. This building is a symbol of the United Arab Emirates’ rich pearl diving heritage of the past, and this facility seeks to cherish this heritage starting with the beautiful design.


Where is the world’s deepest pool?

Deep Dive Dubai is the world’s deepest diving pools with 60m depth, located in in Nad Al Sheba 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

How deep is the deepest pool in the world?

According to Guinness world records, the deepest pool in the world is Deep Dive Dubai with 60m depth, 15m deepest than others.

What is the ticket price of Deep Dive Dubai?

For non-divers, the price ranges from 272$ to 490$, for divers, it ranges between 245$ to 480$.

How much water does Deep Dive Dubai contain?

14 million liters, equivalent to six Olympic-sized swimming pools that is circulated and filtered every six hours.