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Best luxury hotels in Dubai for couples, families, and desert joy

When it comes to Dubai, everything seems to be different! From the world’s tallest building to the deepest diving pool, this city is full of surprises you don’t want to miss. But what about the best luxury hotels to stay in Dubai with your family and loved ones? Answering this question is a bit tricky. Dubai has more than 2000 hotels to choose from, and when you look at their reviews, every one of them seems perfect. But certainly, some of them must stand out from the rest to be called the best luxury hotel in Dubai.

It is not an easy task to pick the best out of the best, but here we’ve tried to provide a perfectly curated list of only top ones that can make your travel more pleasant than ever.

Top 7 Star Hotel in Dubai: Burj al Arab

How can one talk about the best luxury hotels in Dubai without mentioning their top-notch 7-star hotel? Hotel ratings differ from country to country, and there is no established standard for a 7-star hotel. But that doesn’t mean Burj al Arab cannot be one! This hotel was the cornerstone that gave birth to the idea of 7-star hotels and soon became an icon for this city. Burj al Arab is another extraordinary hotel owned by state-hotel chain business-group, Jumeirah, which received the title of the tallest hotel in the whole world.

Burj al-Arab has its private artificial island, 280m from the Jumeirah Beach, and has a private helipad above the building. Prices for staying in the most luxurious hotel in Dubai start from $1300 for a night for two adults. Speaking of two: this hotel is one of the best hotels recommended for couples.

One of the top luxurious features of this hotel is using Rolls Royce Phantom cars or private helicopters to get you to the hotel. Nothing says more luxury than that!

In what follows, we tried to categorize the best luxurious hotels in Dubai according to the most wanted types and tastes people are asking. Here we are not going into the details of room services or the features, like Smart TVs, Air conditioning, wireless chargers, and internet connections, that all top hotels in the world have. Instead, we are looking for the specific characters of these hotels that make them so peculiar for this list.

luxury hotels in Dubai with beach

Among the many hotels in Dubai, hotels by the beach or with a private beach are the most wanted luxury hotels. Here are the best hotels in Dubai with beach access.

Caesars Palace Dubai

Caesars Palace Dubai is on Bluewaters Island with a private beach and beachfront view. This resort has an exceptional beach view and a nearby carousel and is full of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy. One of these activities, which is becoming commonplace in the world’s top luxury hotels, is the infinity pool facing the infinite sea! Most rooms in this resort have a beautiful beach view. (Prices start at $713 for one night, two adults)

One&Only Royal Mirage Resort Dubai

The second resort on this list is the One&Only Royal Mirage Resort, which (similar to Caesars Palace) has a private beach. This resort faces Palm Island and has a great water park nearby called Aquaventure Waterpark which everyone can use once per stay. Other beauties of this beachfront resort are having beautiful and tall palm trees, bright sand, and a breathtaking cityscape behind you. (Prices start at $708 for one night, two adults)

W Dubai – The Palm

Sometimes called the eighth wonder of the world, W Dubai – The Palm is another luxurious hotel with private beach access. And most of the rooms have a beautiful beach view. This hotel has a comforting Sauna and the ability to play squash. Over the horizon, you can get a glance at Burj al Arab. This property is another hotel that couples find romantic. (Prices start at $378 for one night, two adults)

Families and Couples

The second most wanted type of resort in Dubai is for families and couples. Of course, the above beach hotels are great for couples and romantic occasions, but the focus was on the beach itself. Next, we tried to find the best hotels in Dubai for families and couples.

Grand Cosmopolitan Hotel

Grand Cosmopolitan Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel near Jumeirah beach with a private parking lot and outdoor swimming pools. One of the unique characteristics of this hotel is its infinity pool and children’s playground. Sauna, Steam, and Rooftop Sun Terrace are the other services you can get at this hotel. Most couples and families rated this hotel as one of the top hotels to reside with children. (Prices start at $125 for one night, two adults)

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

Dubai Marine Beach is one of the most wanted and most sought places that come into every traveler’s list of favorite hotels. This resort’s customers (or travelers) are among the most repeated ones; this means every traveler who chooses to stay in this hotel is more willing to stay there for the next trip. Beautiful garden view, tennis court, fitness center, and spa and wellness center are what make this resort one of the top luxury hotels of Dubai for families and couples. (Prices start at $221 for one night, two adults)

Grand Hyatt Dubai

The last hotel in this category is Grand Hyatt Dubai. You can choose a garden, pool or, city view room, but we recommend choosing one of a kind, beautifully curated, and landscaped garden view rooms. Ahasees Spa, with its steam and sauna room, whirlpool baths, and spa treatment suites, are one of the unique wellness centers you can imagine in entire Dubai. Also included in this luxurious hotel is a beautiful shaded and safe children’s playground for your loved ones to enjoy. (Prices start at $231 for one night, two adults)

luxury hotels in the Dubai desert

The last type of resort to enjoy your time in Dubai is the ones located in desert areas. All these hotels and resorts provide many desert-related activities like surfing. One of the main advantages of staying in a desert hotel is escaping from the crowd. Most desert-like hotels are in the middle of a vast serene desert space, in which you can feel the calmness and escape city noises. We recommend taking a light jacket for the chilly nights of the desert.

Keep in mind that almost all activities related to the desert do not happen in Dubai city. So, if you are planning to accommodate in the desert, you are not residing inside Dubai, but you are near Dubai.

Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa

To start the list of luxury hotels in desert areas of Dubai, Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, is one of the best options available. This luxurious hotel is 45 minutes apart from the busy city of Dubai. This resort has an exclusive (or some might call it private) desert in which you can enjoy the infinite view of the secluded desert around. You can enjoy traditional Bedouin tents, private temperature-controlled swimming pools, and private sun decks. (Prices start at $1416 for one night, two adults)

Magic Camps

Next on the list of luxury desert hotels is Magic Camps. As the name suggests, the central theme of this resort is camping. Bedouin caravan tents in the middle of the desert with private bathrooms and showers are all the things you need to know about this eco-friendly place. Magic Camps is 50 km away from Dubai city center. (Prices start at $2328 for one night, two adults)

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa

You’ve all heard of infinity pools facing the sea. Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa features an infinity pool that looks at the desert. Like other desert luxury hotels, Bab Al Shams is built with Arabian traditions in mind. Camel, Horse, and Jeep are your options to wander around this breathtaking desert. This resort is about 45 minutes from Dubai city center. (Prices start at $449 for one night, two adults)

Anantara Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort

When looking from the sky, Anantara Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort looks like a giant secluded resort in the middle of the desert. Camel treks, dune bashing, and desert walks are just some of the services you can use. Unlike many other luxurious hotels and resorts introduced, single or solo travelers choose this particular one as one of the top resorts for a one-person stay. (Prices start at $566 for one night, two adults)

How to choose the best of the bests?

Unless you plan to stay in the most luxurious 7-star hotel in Dubai, all options are among the best ones you can choose for your next trip. All of them provide top-notch services, and almost each one of them has its unique features.

In this article, we focused on the pleasure you can get just from staying in a hotel. However, when choosing the best option, you should consider your taste (and maybe budgeting) and other criteria, like price, the number of guests, distance to some attractions or other places you wish to attend, and many other points.


Do any luxury hotels in Dubai have a pool?

Usually, all of the luxury hotels in Dubai, including the ones in deserts, have indoor and outdoor pools.

What are the best luxury hotels in Dubai?

Burj al Arab is known for being the most luxurious 7-star hotel in Dubai. Other hotels include Caesars Palace Dubai, One&Only Royal Mirage Resort Dubai, W Dubai – The Palm, Grand Cosmopolitan Hotel, Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, and Grand Hyatt Dubai.

Which luxury hotels in Dubai are good for families?

Grand Cosmopolitan Hotel, Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, and Grand Hyatt Dubai are among the top luxurious hotels for families with children.

Which luxury hotels in Dubai are good for desert activities?

Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Magic Camps, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, and Anantara Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort are top luxurious resorts to enjoy desert activities.